Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teenagers today go on social media all the time. Teens create fake profiles and use fake names to play around with people. Sometimes people think of the teens as cute or inappropriate. I know this from experience. I was on Facebook when I got three messages from guys who were sophomores, juniors, and seniors asking me if I wanted to go out with them. I realized they didn't like me for me. They liked me for my body instead. Teenagers fall for people who either copied pictures or photo shopped pictures. One sentence of advice, don't date a guy that you have never met before because you never know what he could do to you.
Teens shouldn't post inappropriate pictures online because to get into a college, the administrators look up your name online and they can look at your profiles and pictures. If you post something inappropriate online and try to be cool, you won't get a good job and you won't get into a good college. The truth is, what ever you post to be cool actually isn't cool at all.